Preserving the Truth


Table of Contents

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Note: Workers are ministers, preachers.

Section A – Development Through the Years

1. From the Ashes of Despair. Overview of book; from William Irvine contemplating suicide to becoming founder of three international religious sects.
2. 1863-1893. The Man behind the Movement. Intro to William Irvine’s childhood, family, education, employment, spiritual background; bio of his illegitimate son.
3. 1893-1895. The Turning Point. Irvine attended a Christian revival; acquired a new outlook, resigned from his well-paid job; studied at Bible Training Institute
4. 1895-1901. Irvine Joined Faith Mission. Description of Faith Mission. Irvine’s decision to join them.
5. 1896-1897. Faith Mission’s Expansion in Ireland. Irvine pioneered South Ireland; Kilrush Mission; his first convert, Dora Holland.
6. 1897 – Genesis of the Revival – John Long. Intro to John Long, author of Journal of John Long; second revival mission at Rathmolyon; intro to Carroll family; subsequent missions and converts.
7. 1898 – Encounter with Edward Cooney. Irvine and Cooney meet; Matthew 10 Bible study; Faith Lines concept explored; subsequent successful missions; Irvine promoted to FM Supt. S. Ireland.
8. 1899 – The Faith Experiment in Scotland. John Long began preaching independently on Faith Lines; wooden halls; successful experimental bicycle mission trip to Scotland testing Faith Lines concept by 8-9 young recruits. St. Stephen’s All-Day pivotal meeting.
9. 1899-1901 The Faithful Gather at Conventions. Intro to conventions at Keswick, Faith Mission and 2×2 Sect; intro to Gill family; Rathmolyon devastated by “White Mice.”
10. 1897-1903 – Robert R. Todd’s Mission – Irvine Left Faith Mission. Intro to Robert and Jeanne Todd; Todd’s Mission; Irvine and Faith Mission part ways with various explanations and dates.

11. 1898 – Unsectarian Early Days. Description of Sect’s start-up; bios of Irvine’s first full-time recruits.

12. What Was William Irvine Like? Irvine’s personality.Rathmolyon Convention; training new Workers.
13. Tenets of Irvine’s New Belief System. Founding of a revolutionary new theological movement; its development and spread; description of meetings, doctrines and principles; Irvine railing against churches and clergy; similarities and differences to other Christian churches.
14. The Great Experiment – Alfred Magowan. Primitive Worship Restored. Intro to Alfred Magowan; descriptions of first conventions, baptisms, re-baptisms; Sunday and mid-week fellowship meetings instituted.
15. 1901- Edward Cooney – The Master Marketer. Intro to Ed Cooney, his background, family, employment. Cooney partners with Irvine; gives small fortune to the poor; becomes Second-in-Command. First hymnal printed in 1909: Go-Preacher Hymnbook.
16. 1903 – Inaugural Rathmolyon Convention. Conditions in Ireland at turn of 20th Century; new sect’s kick-off convention at Rathmolyon; vows of celibacy and common purse; Todd’s Mission disbands; several of Todd’s Workers join Irvine’s new sect; married Worker couples and their children.
17. 1903-1904 – Worldwide Outreach. First Workers go to America; first native U.S. converts and Workers; subsequent groups of Workers arrive in US; first Workers go to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
18. 1904-1906 – First Crocknacrieve Convention. Large-scale,month-longConventions at Crocknacrieve; intro to Irvine Weir and Jamiesons; California missions.
19. 1905-1907 – “God’s Only/Right Way.” Birth of Exclusivity in 2×2 Sect; the Living Witness Doctrine; Irvine’s belief system became “God’s Only True Way;” re-baptizing and un-Christianizing the Christians; Irvine’s revelation; Joe Kerr’s renunciation; John Long’s excommunication; Resistance to the new doctrine; current beliefs of 2×2 Sect.
20. 1900-1906 – Apostolic Succession and Restorationism. The Restoration Movement; Irvine’s position and role; success of Irvine’s methods.
21. 1907-1913 – Early Conventions. Crocknacrieve Conventions; additional Irish conventions assembled; first conventions outside of Ireland; new hymnal: Hymns Old and New; trips abroad by Cooney and Irvine; first Workers’ deaths; publications warning against the new sect.
22. 1906-1914 – Recourse through Court. Mission in Suffolk Co., England; W. D. Wilson accuses Workers of white-slave trafficking; Wilson sued in eight court cases by 2×2 Sect members.
23. 1914-1919 – Irvine Forced to Abdicate. Discontentment among 2×2 Sect staff leaders; Irvine’s strange preaching; Mutiny; Irvine forced to step down; reasons for his removal; his reaction and return to US; Irvine’s permanent move to Palestine.
24. The Workers Regroup – Erasing Irvine. Irvine’s mantle; the Workers’ dilemma; the purge; erasing William Irvine; process of damnatio memoriae.
25. 1914-1919 – Irvine’s Life after His Rejection. Arrival in Jerusalem; loyal acolytes; first schism occurs; develops a new belief system, called Omega Message; acquires recruits; his vast correspondence; life for Omega Message followers; intro to Willie and Rose Edwards; Irvine fully excommunicated.
26. 1914-1935 – New Era Dawns – On with the Work. Princess Victoria listens to Cooney in Hyde Park; allegedly became a member; Alfred Magowan excommunicated; 1921 large Workers Convention at Staffordshire, England; Coolacrease tragedy–murder of two Sect members.
27. 1928 – Edward Cooney Cast Out. Cooney’s issues with status quo; his renunciation; went abroad; banned in New Zealand, US, Canada; blacklisted in Ireland; Sr. Workers meeting at Lurgan. Cooney excommunicated.
28. After Cooney – Aftershocks, Division and Exodus. Division of 1928; the purge; the price of allegiance; the Outcasts; Cooney’s pain and suffering; his life afterwards.
29. Leader Differences – Divorce and Remarriage. Contention between US Overseers; 1930 Sr. Workers meeting—new policy of Overseers not being allowed to marry; disturbance in Colorado; Worker Tom Lyness shot; 1938 Sr. Worker meeting re divorce and remarriage.
30. William and Archie Irvine’s Deaths. Irvine’s visitors; diagnosed with cancer; his death, funeral, burial, disbursement of possessions; reaction of his Omega Message followers; death of Irvine’s son and wife.
31. 1951-1954 – Doug Parker’s Exposé. Intro to Doug Parker, his investigation researching 2×2 history; his confrontation with New South Wales Overseer John Hardie; Parker’s publication of A Spiritual Fraud; aftermath of this Exposé.
32. 1950-1980 – Third Exodus of Apostates. Review of the exoduses; the apostates; intro to Hawkins, Arvigs, Millers, Rittenhouse and Sweetland; picketing of conventions.
33. 1982-2022 – The Secret Sect. Published in 1982 by Doug and Helen Parker; media spotlight brings 2×2 Sect out of seclusion; fourth exodus; reactions to The Secret Sect; agencies, books and websites created since 1989 about 2×2 Sect.

Section B – Doctrine and Traditions

34. History of 2×2 Traditions – The Unwritten Rules Part I. Traditions vs. commandments; Victorian era history and fashion; evolution of outer 2×2 appearances compared to worldly dress styles; discussion of hats, hemlines, necklines, hosiery, footwear, cosmetics, slacks, jewelry and hair dressing.
35. History of 2×2 Traditions – The Unwritten 2×2 Rules Part II. Policies re liquor, tobacco, entertainment, occupations; education and impact of G. I. bill; courtship, marriage, divorce, remarriage, weddings, celebrations, funerals.
36. Black Stocking Church.  History of this tradition; shame, suffering and discrimination; nylon invented; “the change” and discontinuation of custom.
37. Hymns Old and New. History and description of editions of 2×2 Sect hymnals; publisher details; hymn authors; oldest hymns.
38. Military Service – WWI & II in UK and US. Conscientious objection policies in various countries; adopting an official name; registration of assemblies; WWII internees and POWs; Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Section C – International Development

39. The Pioneers. First Workers departed by ship from the UK in 1903 to spread their gospel (pioneer it) to foreign countries.
40. Canada, North America. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; overview of history by province; WWI and WWII military policies. Church incorporated in Alberta by Willis Propp. Overview of grievances, excommunications, meetings closed down, purge.
41. Australia. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; bios of Overseers; first conventions; adopting a name; Bethel Mission in SA; intro to Arthur McCoy; Workers’ bank accounts; intro to Ronald Campbell.
42. New Zealand. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; first conventions; bios of Overseers; married Workers; WWI and WWII military policies.
43. Latin America and the Caribbean. First four Workers arrive on this continent in Argentina in 1919. Details provided for pioneers to remaining countries.
44. Asia. Australia sent Adam Hutchison, the first Worker to preach on the continent of Asia (India) in 1922. Details provided for pioneers to other Asian countries.
45. Europe. In the early 1920s after WWI, a few Workers began venturing to Europe. Details provided for pioneers to other European countries.
46. South Africa and Madagascar. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; Overseers; married Workers; segregation and Apartheid; revolt of black and colored Friends; Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd assassinated by 2×2 Sect member, Demetrius Tsafendas in 1961.
47. U.S. Black History. First and succeeding black Workers; black annual convention at Scrabble US; black 2×2 Sect members and meetings.
48. Divisions, Purges, Rifts and Revolts. Early and later divisions in the Sect. Bill Carroll’s purge in Victoria; Carroll’s death and aftermath; purge in South Australia; Vietnam schism.

Section D – Finale

49. Witness and Power of History. Value of skepticism; why historical facts are important.
50. The Importance of Truth. Truth, beliefs, values, logic; rational and irrational; reconciling history; Law of Cause and Effect; Law of Compensation.