The Author created and manages two additional websites devoted to the Church without a Name.
The website, Telling The Truth, is closely associated with this book. It contains copies and images of the full documents quoted in this book and over 1,000 photographs in the Photo Gallery.

1. Telling The Truth (TTT) – since 1995 – (

Created in 1997, the TTT website is by far the largest online collection of primary and secondary documents pertaining to this Sect, including: newspaper articles, photographs, letters, books, life stories, testimonies, pioneering accounts, family trees, court cases, and lists.

TTT documents have been used as source material in publications. Although the Church without a Name in no small way owes its existence and origin to the early missions held by its founder, William Irvine in Ireland at the turn of the 20th century, today few followers have ever heard the name of the man who founded their Church. Members unaware of the group’s short history believe the group is the direct historical continuation of the New Testament ministry (i.e. of apostolic succession).

Ahistoricism is their accepted norm. They have never published their history or any literature other than a hymnal and some lists. They eschew publicity, and many have never heard of this Church or met any members. The Sect does not publish any membership statistics. Wikipedia lists outside researchers who give a wide range of estimates from 300,000 to 4 million worldwide and the U.S. as 100,000-500,000. The Church contends it is not an organization, religion or denomination, and that it has no earthly headquarters or founder.

The volumes of documented evidence on TTT reveal and expose the historical facts concerning this Sect’s founder, origin and development. It debunks the myths that their Church history is not traceable and allows readers to become informed and educated.

It is a universally acknowledged truth that all things on earth have a beginning. The 2×2 Sect is no exception. TTT has uncovered facts and documents that have been long hidden and almost lost.

2. Expressions by Ex-2x2s (

[Formerly The Liberty Connection (TLC)] – since 2009

This website is a collection of documents written solely by former members of The Church without a Name speaking out and expressing their thoughts in Exit letters, Why We Left accounts, articles, essays, Bible topics, questions, book reviews and recommendations. It is the voice and views of the ex-members.