What is Truth?

By Cherie Kropp-Ehrig

For as long as I can remember, I have valued truth and justice. Truth is truly a treasure, and its value is priceless. Truth is a high priority in my life and my love for truth continues to grow. Truth is the foundation of all knowledge. The truths we believe are the pillars of our world. In my quest for truth, I studied its nature and attributes, which deepened my love and appreciation for truth. Some of my greatest disappointments have been when I learned that something I believed in was not true. I compiled the following characteristics about truth.

Definition of truth (a noun):
1. the quality or state of being true
2. that which is true; a statement, etc. that accords with fact or reality
3. an established or verified fact, principle, etc.
4. a particular belief or teaching regarded by the speaker as true

Truth is supreme:
Truth lacks nothing;
Cannot be improved upon.
It is sound, flawless, excellent, pure,
Strong in its own strength.
Truth is Absolutely Perfect.

Truth stands on its own merits,
Does not shrink from inquiry,
Does not fear test or trials,
For it contains nothing false.
The Truth has nothing to hide.

Truth is not affected by:
Examination or investigation,
Criticism or condemnation,
Questions or doubts,
Feelings or wishful thinking,
Approval or disapproval,
Appreciation or recognition,
Acceptance, rejection or denial.
Truth remains the same and ever will remain.

Truth cannot be altered or eliminated.
Truth is established, constant, fixed.
It cannot be erased or modified,
Not by time or chance,
Nor with words or money.
Truth cannot be harmed or killed,
Nor eradicated or annihilated.
It is indestructible, incorruptible and
Will never perish.
Truth endures forever and does not die.

Truth is not influenced or offended by:
The process of discovery,
The personality, motives or emotions
Or the source expressing or exposing it.
Truth can bear scrutiny:

So delve into it and prove it.
Question, doubt, test and check,
Investigate, explore, probe and examine,
Research, challenge, verify and confirm,
Analyze, evaluate and judge.
The Truth will come forth as gold.

Truth is feared:
Some go to great lengths…
To conceal, disguise or obscure the Truth.
To squelch, cover up, obstruct or hinder it.
Some attempt to restore or revive it,
To remodel, replace or redesign it.
Using deception, dishonesty and omission;
Substituting half-truths, fabrications, fables and myths,
Some attempt to change the Truth into a lie.
However, all in good time, the Truth Will Out.

Truth is Truth, regardless of:
Who perceives it or fails to recognize it;
Who understands or misunderstands it;
Who agrees or disagrees with it;
Who believes or disbelieves it;
Who accepts, objects or rejects it;
Who is convinced or unconvinced of it;
Who accuses or excuses it;
Who proves it or seeks to disprove it;
Who opposes, challenges, questions or doubts it;
Who misinterprets, misconstrues, perverts or distorts it.

Whether it is spoken, written or acted out;
Whether it is withheld, omitted, falsified;
Whether it is expressed, suppressed or unexpressed;
Whether it is disputed, contested or tried;
Whether it is covered up or uncovered;
Whether it is revealed or concealed.

For Truth is Truth. . .independently of man.


“For we can do nothing against the truth,
but for the truth.” (2 Corinthians 13:8)

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

“His Truth endures to ALL generations…” (Psalm 100:5)