Unofficial names applied to the Church without a Name:

Alberta Incorporation
Christian Convention Letterhead
William Irvine & Edward Cooney
  • The Truth
  • The Way
  • The Fold
  • Friends and Workers Fellowship
  • Two-by-Twos, 2x2s
  • Cooneyites
  • No-Name Church
  • No-Secters
  • Assemblies of Christians
  • The Testimony, Testimony of Jesus
  • Nameless House Church
  • Tramp Preachers
  • Go-Preachers
  • White Mice (in Rathmolyon, Ireland)
  • Dippers
  • The Black Stockings, Black Socks
  • The Jesus-Way
  • The New Testament Church
  • Irvinites, Irvineites
  • Reidites (in Enniskillen, N. Ireland)
  • Blue Lights (in Tasmania)
  • Carrollites (in Australia)
  • Fraserites (in New Zealand)
  • Les Anonymes (Anonymous) (in France)
  • Die Namenlosen (The Nameless Ones) (in Germany)

The following names are or have been registered with various government agencies.

  • United States: Christian Conventions Representing Assemblies of Christians Assuming This Name Only
  • United Kingdom: The Testimony of Jesus (in WWI)
  • England: Christian Church in England (copyright for Hymns Old & New, 1987 ed)
  • Australia & New Zealand:
  • New Zealand: Testimony of Jesus (in WWI)
  • The United Christian Conventions of Australasia and New Zealand (in 1938)
  • Testimony of Jesus in WWI hearings applying for military exemption or C.O. status
  • Christian Conventions of Victoria (in 1929)
  • Christian Assemblies of Australia (in WWII)
  • Canada: Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies (registered in mid-1995; dissolved Dec. 1996)
  • Sweden: Kristna i Sverige (Christians in Sweden) (registered in 1992; later dissolved).
  • Latin America: The church has been registered with the government under names that typically include the base words Christian Church (Iglesia Cristina). Each countries’ name is unique, e.g. Christian Church of San Felipe (Chile), Christian Church of Paraguay, Primitive Christian Church of Peru, etc.
  • Vietnam: Christian Mission Vietnam registered (in 1967 by Fred Allen)
  • Sri Lanka: Undenominational Christian Mission
  • Hong Kong: Christian